Crochet Cable Wave Stitch

Try this cozy square with your new blanket, pillow or like a decor motif on the extra stuff. Feel free to use any type of yarn (or even thread) for your project. Consider which color to choose. Enjoy! For more details please visit : mypicot

My Favourite Flower Pattern

This is my favourite because I can make it any size I want using larger or smaller hooks and just keep adding on a back round for the amount of layers you want. People ask me for an easy crochet pattern for dummies! This is it! Honestly! For more details please visit : My Favourite Flower

Crochet Flowers Border

So, you just finished your crochet project and want to give it a finished look? Crochet borders will surely help you with this! Follow easy tutorials that will clearly explain each and every step you need to make. For more details please visit : Crochet Flowers Border

Peacock Stitch 3D Crochet Scarf

Today we are going to teach how To crochet peacock feathers scarf in 3D point. I think this scarf is just perfect, it’s so elegant, so extraordinary and so easy to make that it’s almost impossible not to love it. Without any other discussions let’s learn how to crochet this adorable scarf. For more details

Really Easy Crochet Cluster Blanket

The crochet cluster stitch is made by working a group of incomplete stitches into the same stitch, or by working the incomplete stitches into several stitches on the same row. This beautiful stitch looks so great and gives a lovely, textured look for blankets and other projects. For more details please visit : Really Easy Crochet

Crochet The Diamond Stitch

The Diamond Stitch is quite an easy stitch to learn and follow and takes only a minimum amount of practice to master. It’s a textured sticth this makes it perfect for bags , scarves or blankets, try it on a potholder too, will be a succes. For more details please visit : Crochet The Diamond Stitch

Easy Crochet Baby Ballet Slippers

These ballet slippers are thick enough to keep your baby’s feet warm and safe when walking around the house, yet thin enough to allow the little one to move his little fingers freely. For more details please visit : Easy Crochet Baby Ballet Slippers

Two-Color Double-Sided Pattern

This simple two-color double-sided design is perfect for knitting warm blankets, as well as men’s, women’s and children’s jackets and coats. For more details please visit : Two-Color Double-Sided Pattern

Crochet Wave Fan Edging

If you are looking for a special way for edging of the blanket – this is for you. All you need is bit time to watch the movie and focus on the tutorial. Wave Fan border will most attractive as an edging. For more details please visit : Crochet Wave Fan Edging

Crochet Simple Long Beanie

The overall look of this hat is soft, relaxed, casual and comfy… It is a long beanie but could be easily adjusted for those who prefer less slouch, just take away rounds. The time to complete this beanie will depend on your level expertise. You should be able to complete within 3-4 hours. For more